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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2011 Catholic Debutante Ball - "Catch A Falling Star"

I was involved with the recent 
 2011 Catholic Debutante Ball

As a Conveynor
it was my job to organise the event from start to finish.
Its a huge job
and the final week is hugely intense.
Let me just say ontop of the worry of my brother
and trips to Newcastle
it very nearly did my head in.

The Theme this year was
"Catch a Falling Star"

It was my job to pull the theme together so it really shone through....

The tickets looked like this:
Designed by Justine Murphy

These were designed by a local company and i think are divine,
it really set the tone for the event.

And this is how it looked on the night.
I love how the same tones are in the tickets and through out the hall.
This is what i set out to achieve.

This is the stage.
We used the LED fairy lights draping the stage.
One of the Mums made all those starts that were stapled to the stage back
and another very clever Mum & Daughter made the cloud.
The Moon is a helium Balloon.
One of the Dad supplied the steel and the design for the Stars which Stu welded up.
We then put rope lights around them.
The Special Effects lighting was done by a local company
and this was his first function.
He did such a great job!
And notice the custom gobo on the floor
it says
"Catch a Falling Star"
in the same font as the tickets.

My dear son Josh got up in the lifter and hung all those fairy lights on the ceiling.
All the chairs were covered in beautiful purple organza sashes.

The centrepieces was a design that one of the girls found on the internet
and i sent it on to Suzanne at Words or Whatever
She stamped them out of chipboard
and i glued them all together and painted them all.

I didnt get a chance to get all the photos that i wanted on the night....
So i dont have any close up photos of them.

But they did really suit the theme.

Then i made up these balloon columns that were dotted throughout 
the hall and in the entrance area,
And them also the falling star
at the bottom of the stairs...

The boys wore the black suit with silver vest and cravat
and white gloves.
They looked really handsome!

Here is one of the gorgeous Debs after being presented...

And the sweet flowers...
All tied the to theme

Here is one of the girls that are being presented...
See the balloons on the stage?
They are all clouds!!!

And when the boys came in
they all layed out the big black star in the centre there.....

The cake was made by my bridesmaid Jo from Narrabri!
She did an awesome job!
Dont you love all the stars!!!

If you have an upcoming event you would like assistance with
please do not hesitate to contact me and we can make your event look awesome!

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