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Friday, July 27, 2012

Gunnedah South School Winter Ball

In a small town like Gunnedah
I am totally AMAISED at our Community Spirit!
Our Gunnedah South School is having a fund raiser tonight
and decided to host a 
Winter Ball.

It took 2 weeks for the tickets to be sold, there were another 10 tables quickly added
and then they sold!
Over 300 people are attending tonight's ball to raise funds for the school.
Its very nice to see. 
I'm not much of a socialite myself, I much prefer to have my fun helping to decorate an event and then go home rather than party on all night, and I really enjoy having this roll.
I feel very privileged to be involved in some small way at events such as this one.

So tonight's event was organised by a very dedicated and frantic couple of volunteers from the School.
We worked together to help bring their theme to life.

We have the ceiling fairy lights.
(These have been up now since Mid March and this will be their last event in the hall this year!)
A gorgeous way to create an intimate atmosphere

Simple Ceiling lights can be done at just about any venue.
If you would like something like this for your next event, just pop instore and we can work out what you will need.

To frame the stage I erected a chain of pearl arch in the colours that represent the event.

We used the black rectangle table clothes
Light Blue Satin Table Runners
Silver Organza Table Runners
Round Mirrors.
Large Glass Vases
Glass Marbles
Black Twisted Willow
LED Battery Operated Lights up the Willow Branches
(They aren't turned on though.... I was a little early with my photos!)

At the entrance to the ball
we made just a simple air arch in the theme colours...

We had to sqeeze it in, but it looked lovely!

If anything here looks like something you might like for your event,
please don't hesitate to come on by and we can talk turkey!!

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