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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rotary Debutante Ball - Night of a Thousand Stars 2013

Its always an honour to be asked to help make an event
come to life!
Rotary approached me about coming up with decorative themeing for their event
this year.

This is what I came up with.

Here is one of the Debutantes being presented.
Photo by Phil Winterton

Fairy Light Ceiling draped from the centre
with a crystal drop centrepiece

The theme colour was purple
Which I draped along the walls and added balloon star accents.

Balloons are an affordable way to add themed accents to your event.

I had three stars over the doors that the girls were being presented through.
Added some shimmering white fabric 
Dave Boxel (The Lighting Guru) added some purple light throughout.

We hung star clusters either side of the stage

Added draping and lights around the front of the stage.

I like to add columns to centre the staging.
It pulls the theme together,
adds the colour of the event
and generally just finishes the look.

I provided decor through the shop for some of the tables for this event.
But here are some cute little topairies that I also made.

And a decorated cake table to match in with the decor as well.

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