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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Calrossy Year 12 Formal - William Cowper Hall - 14th November 2014

 Planning this Formal started over 12 months ago!
One of the Students graduating with this Year contacted to see if I would 
work with them to create this vision they had for their formal.
Tamworth is about an hours drive away,
but I do alot of work in Tamworth so it the client is happy
to work with me as far as when I can get there, 
than I am more that happy to help out...

This is what we created.

A room full of arches...

We had alot of area to cover across the hall
and I could only fit one bottle of gas in the car
so the balloons are spaced a little wider than usual...

And the arches had to be build over fairy lights that were already erected,
so that made things a little tricky...
There were lots of trips up and down ladders..

Here is a photo with the gorgeous lily centerpieces
these smelt devine!

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